The Rev. Mieke Vandersall

Mieke Vandersall, as a violin-playing, martial artist-practicing lesbian, defies stereotypical notions about pastors. She was one of the first openly queer people ordained as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

As the Founding Pastor of a worshiping community called Not So Churchy, and the previous Executive Director of Parity, she has ushered would-be clergy through the ordination process. She is currently still the Pastor of Not So Churchy and is also a fundraising consultant for religious organizations and congregations.


Alex McNeill

Alex McNeill is a witty, Vespa-driving preacher with a penchant for bow ties. Throughout his journey to ordination, he has navigated obstacles and opposition to achieve a series of “firsts.” Before he transitioned from female to male, Alex was the first out lesbian pursuing ministry in his conservative, rural ordination committee in 2005. He was also the first person to come out as transgender during the ordination process, and though other transgender people have pursued ordination, no one has yet completed the process by being accepted to a ministry job. During the course of filming, Alex became the executive director of More Light Presbyterians, which made him the first transgender executive director of a mainline Christian organization.


The Rev. John Russell Stanger

John Russell Stanger may have lived in India and NYC, but he grew up ridin’ horses and fixin’ fences on his family’s Texas cattle ranch. After coming out gay in seminary, he discovered his call to help others reconcile the rift between their sexual, gender, and spiritual identities. He joined the staff of Parity as a minister to LGBTQ youth and became the first openly queer Presbyterian to be ordained in Texas. After leading Parity as the Executive Director, he is returning to the South to begin a Master of Arts in Marriage of Family Therapy. As a pastor-therapist he will continue helping people to love themselves and live abundantly.


The Rev. Bertram Johnson

Bertram Johnson is the first openly gay African American to be ordained in the PC(USA). He holds this distinction with humility and awe. In February 2016 he was called to The Riverside Church in the City of New York where he serves as Minister of Justice, Advocacy, and Change. Having graduated seminary in 1996, he is now experiencing the joys of his first full-time ordained call.


The Rev. Kate LeFranc

Kate LeFranc is currently a doctoral student in theology, and a nerdy/artsy Presbyterian pastor who misses getting to lead worship on a regular basis. Kate identifies as a non-binary queer, and they are hoping to write some boundary-pushing queer theology. In the roller derby world, Kate is known as Bruise Almighty and is a certified referee with the Women's Flat Track Derby Association.