About the Film

Mieke Vandersall and Alex McNeill

Most gay, bisexual and transgender people know what it feels like to be told they are broken and to be rejected, and often this message comes from Christians. Out of Order is a feature length documentary following the journey of three queer members of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

With unprecedented access, this groundbreaking documentary joins a group of queer future ministers at a secret retreat in the South. The critical decisions they make there will forever alter the course of their lives.

It tackles the issue of homophobia by subverting cliches of lesbian, bisexual and trans people, instead offering a new vision. Our cast of characters challenges the legacy of spiritual violence and proposes a new face of Christianity; one that both welcomes queer clergy and celebrates its leadership. Out of Order is the first film of its kind to positively portray queer people of faith actively changing the meaning of church through alternative Christian communities, worship practices, and theological interpretation.

If you think this is a film about being gay or being a Christian, think again. Out of Order is about empowerment. It invites everyone, gay, straight, faithless or religious to stand up and start making a difference. As Secretary of State Hilary Clinton declared at the International Human Rights day in Geneva, “LGBTQ people are not less than human. That is why gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights.”

We invite you to start being Out of Order right now with a sneak peak of the film as Reverend Mieke and Alex transform their church from harbors of homophobia to beacons of hope.


The documentary ‘Out of Order‘ needs your help. We urgently need to raise funds to complete filming and post production.

Making this film is not easy. We are diving headfirst into one of the biggest divides within the church today, and doing so takes courage. This ambitious and important documentary is a 100% independently funded film. We are appealing to you to bring this story to life.

We need you to be ‘Out of Order’ with us. With your help we can tell these stories and inspire others to stand up. Whatever you can afford to give, we hope that you will join us.

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